Best backpacking water filter 2017: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you’re like me, you know the frustration of a heavy backpack. Every little article that you put into your backpack needs to be important. The extra weight and space that something takes up in your backpack is vital. When you are out in the outdoors you want to enjoy every minute of it. And when you are out there you don’t want to know the frustration of buying a product you really want and need to see it break at the most inopportune time.

When you are out backpacking and your portable water filter takes a fall, that is not the time for it to break on you. A well-built backpacking water filter will save the day.

I have many years worth of camping and hunting in the Rocky Mountains and other remote places across the country. There is a great importance of staying hydrated. When you can stop at any water source and have the ability to generate drinking water, this is priceless.

As an environmental scientist with a specialization in water quality, I know the type of problems that a water source can have. I see everyday the way our water sources become polluted (manmade or naturally). There are many contaminates in water streams so a quality backpack water filter is needed.

It seems every other portable water filter is not made of high quality materials that the Katadyn Pocket Filter is.

Most of the other products have a plastic shell surrounding the filter element:

Their filters can filter water… they can clean the water… they can make the water clear.

… But give me a break! Are those filters going to withstand the countless trips and hardships that you and Mother Nature throw at them? Of course not! These filters just give you minimum protection.

What you REALLY need is a backpack water filter…

  1. Made with quality aluminum and polypropylene shell so that it will not break if dropped on hard surfaces!
  2. That has a lifetime warranty to give you the peace of mind!
  3. Which can be cleaned up to 300 times and can extend the life of the filter!
  4. Capable to be maintained in the field with ease just wiping and brushing the ceramic filter.
  5. From a company that has been producing quality portable water filters since 1928!
  6. Used by numerous backpackers and hikers for many years with proven results!
  7. That has a 0.2-micron filter that traps bacteria and germs producing safe drinking water.

… and you want it to WORK!

So all this time in the outdoors caring around water and getting many bumps and bruises got me thinking… If I’m experiencing this, after spending years with a heavy backpack and no room in the vehicle because of the bottled water, how much have YOU experienced?!

Camping and hunting in the Rocky Mountains I have found that traveling a long distance and with limited space for other equipment a large supply of potable water takes up to much space. A portable water filter has many benefits like storage space, weight, and ability to stay in the backcountry longer.

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors doesn’t want the extra weight (or the space) to carry water around or the hassle of water purification while camping. And you don’t want the CHEAP portable water filter that might break every time You go out!

You want TWO things:

  • One that will last for a lifetime so that you can almost GUARANTEE the success of every outdoor adventure!
  • Be able to filter out all bacteria and germs while still giving you good flow and great tasting water!

… Both of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

So I decided that, I would do a water filter comparison to find a high quality portable water filter that will last me a long time… AND be easy to use so that I won’t have to experience the same frustrations as in the past.

It took me countless hours, and I spent a lot of time on water filter comparisons to choose which one has the best “bang for the buck”.