Best whole house water filter: Reviews and Buying Guide

The best whole house water filters are used to remove volatile organic contaminants and sediments in well water.

Each filtration system comes with a carbon cartridge filter and a sediment cartridge filter. If you have well water supply or you suspect your drinking water may contain harmful substances, it is best to get your water tested.

This way, you will know the right whole house water filter to purchase.Your water may smell like chlorine. Chlorine is used to disinfect your public water supply and you may smell the residual.

The purpose of the filter cartridge is to reduce this residual chlorine as well as other harmful chemicals like arsenic, lead, copper, iron, manganese, odor, and hardness.

A good whole house water filter will remove those contaminants that may leach from the house plumbing fixtures into your drinking water.

How Do Whole House Water Filters Work

House water filters, or point of entry water filters use similar technologies that are being used in a large water treatment plant.Whole house water filters treat water as it enters the house removing the harmful.

By having the best home water filters, heavy metals will be easily removed from your drinking water.

Having a good whole house water filter will definitely result in savings you buy a water filter compared with bottled water. Plus, it has been documented that most bottled water is not better than tap water. Some bottled water has been shown to contain high level of harmful substances.Before you purchase a home water filter, it is very important to check the filter for the type of contaminants it can remove and how well it performs.

It is also important that you carry a replacement cartridge filters. The right water cartridge replacement filter will ensure that you continue to drink filtered water and that you do not encounter a filtrate breakthrough.

Breakthrough will occur when a replacement filter is plugged and no longer filtering but the substances that is supposed to be removed – which are attached to the surface of the filter – are being washed into your drinking water.

How often you need to replace the cartridge filters depends on the manufacturer's recommendation. Failure to do so may result in breakthrough. You may be putting the same contaminants back into your water.