What You Need To Know About Water Filters

A lot of pollution has made its way into public water sources, making it unsafe to use most of the water coming out of our faucets and showers.

Gasoline, pesticides, solvents, parasites, and germs are just some of the pollutants found in the water we use in our homes. This leaves us susceptible to diseases. Luckily, technology tries to remedy this situation by giving us water filters.

Water filters are designed to remove pollutants in your water through a physical barrier, biological process or chemical process.

Different technologies are used to create water filters. However, the best water filters in the market are those that make use of sub-micron filters as well as carbon block. Most of these water filters are affordable and can remove up to 99.99% of pollutants in your water.

Other water filters make use of the reverse osmosis or distillation technology. These two systems were initially designed to remove minerals from water to avoid damaging manufacturing equipment. The technology was later downsized to be used to filter water in homes.

However, removing minerals from drinking water will alter its taste and remove essential minerals required by the body. This makes you susceptible to all sorts of diseases.

A multistage carbon filter is recommended as it is able to remove most of the pollutants in the water without affecting the essential minerals.

Most people overlook showers when thinking of home water filtration. This is a huge mistake as water coming out of your shower is also contaminated with all kinds of pollutants. Toxins in your shower water will get absorbed into your body through the skin, leaving you prone to different kinds of health problems. To prevent this, consider investing in a shower head that has a multistage carbon filter system which will ensure only uncontaminated water comes into contact with your skin.

Buying a Water Filtration System

Before heading out to buy a water filtration system, it is important that you get informed on all your available options. There are different kinds of water filtration systems, all meant to suit the needs of different homeowners. Water filters also vary in design and cost. It will be up to you to find out what system is more suitable for you.

You’ll need to test your water before buying any type of water filter. After all, you’ll need to figure out the kind of contaminants present in your water in order to buy the right water filter. There are water testing kits you can use to identify pollutants in your water. If you find high levels of iron in your water, then all you need to do is invest in an iron water filter. This may also be used alongside other systems such as point of use filters, whole-house filters, faucet filters, and RO filters among others. Finally, if you are really concerned about the safety of the water you use, it is important that you seek help from a professional. This will help you understand the best steps to take to clean your water.